Rock & Water Program

General Manager, AMP Capital
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Hi, a brief note to say thank you for yesterday. Everyone enjoyed it, and moreover we all got something from it!! You did a wonderful job!!
Eric Parsloe, The Manager as Coach and Mentor 1999
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"Coaching is a process that enables learning and development to occur and thus performance to improve."


What is Rock & Water?

A psycho – physical method for teaching mental and social skills to young people.

Freerk Ykema, a Middle School teacher from Holland, developed the Rock & Water Program as a program for both boys and girls from 5 years of age to 18 years of age to develop self-regulation, self-confidence and self-awareness skills.


The Rock and Water program aims to apply a physical/social approach to assist boys and girls in their PERSONAL AND SOCIAL development by teaching:

• Practical anti bullying strategies

• Alternatives to aggressive verbal and physical responses

• Self confidence, self awareness and self control

• Communication skills and interpretation of body language cues

• Thinking and being in control through grounding, centring and mental focus

• Boundary awareness

• Mindfulness strategies

Age groups:

5 – 16yo

Program Facilitator:

Alicia Tarei

– Cert III Education Support 2018
– Neuro Linguistics Programming Practitioner 2018
– Working with Children Check 2017
– Police Clearance 2017
– Rock & Water for Adults 2017
– Rock & Water for Girls 2017
– Basic First Aid / CPR / Emergency First Aid 2017
– Rock & Water for Children 2016
– Managing Anxiety in Children CLAN workshop 2016

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