At APS we pride ourselves as having some of the best coaches available in the market. Trained in both the solutions-focused and ontological coaching methods, APS coaches have worked with leaders across all organisational levels, from senior executives to frontline leaders. Over this time we have gained experience across a number of industries, including oil & gas, mining, partnerships, family businesses, and a number of SMEs

As APS coaches, we bring a particular understanding and insight to our coaching having 'walked in the leader's shoes' and operated ourselves as senior leaders in business. This experience allows us to customise our approach to reflect the individual’s unique circumstances, learning styles and personality. While the approach is customised, the purpose remains constant: to create, via a collaborative partnership, a learning environment in which the leader is able to identify new perspectives and possibilities for themselves, and from that, generate forward movement and lasting change.

All APS coaches are active members of the International Coaches Federation..
Benefits of APS Coaching:
  • Leadership development
  • Career Transition
  • Performance enhancement
  • Professional skills development