Organisational Performance Consulting
Our Consultancy Team
We are a team of Human Resource & Organisational Development Specialists. At APS our HR & OD professionals work in their chosen areas of passion and specialisation and share their expertise across a range of organisations.
Our Approach
At APS our approach draws on our experience in the workplace, both as leaders and as consultants. Our relationships are collaborative; we won't walk in with an assumption or a prescription, we work with you and your team and together deliver results. We are dedicated to working with you, in your business to design and deliver practical design solutions that provide a sustainable competitive edge.
What makes APS different?
We stay the course; our commitment extends from design through delivery to review. That's what motivates us and where we derive our sense of achievement. Our clients say that its our ability to do, not just advise, that sets us apart. It is this philosophy that has clients returning time after time. Our reputation is for getting the job done well and without fuss – it's not about us, it's about you.
Business Effectiveness
  • Organisational Effectiveness Reviews
  • Organisational Structure Design
  • Change & Transition Management
  • HR & Business Planning
People Development
  • Team Development
  • Leadership Development & Coaching
  • People Capability Assessment
  • Career & Succession Planning
Advice, Policies & Procedures
  • HR Advice & Assistance
  • People Policies & Procedures
  • Industrial & Employee Reltions
  • Renumeration & Benefits